About Us

If you found yourself here, the chances are you are passionate about traveling and love eating good food. We believe that the two are inextricably intertwined.

Our blog is about our pursuit of a delicious life. It focuses on food and travel, so we blog our trips and exceptional dining experiences.

Travel is something that’s hard to define because each of us has our own views of what the ultimate form of travel looks like. One thing we can all agree about is that travelling allows us to escape routines and spark adventures.

We’re Sebastian and Naomi, a Swede and Maltese couple, living in sunny Malta. We’re serial travel addicts and are continuously planning trips. For us travelling is more than just a break from routine, but more about creating memories and encountering eye- opening experiences.

Together we have visited more than twenty countries and have knocked off some thrilling adventures off our never-ending bucket list.

Food lovers, travel enthusiasts and photography aficionados read our blog. If you are looking for a place to fuel your desire for travel, learn about different countries and get hungry while doing it, our blog is the place for you to be.

In this blog we write about the amazing places we visit and unique restaurants we go to. We always make sure, that no matter how busy we get, we update our blog with honest reviews, useful tips and practical guides.

We really hope to inspire you to live an extraordinary life, eat superb food and travel often.